MT76 AP+Client trouble

Hi! In my current setup/development I'am facing a serious bug related with mt76 or openwrt.

Let me try to describe the problem.

I have the follow scenario: 1 wireless (as client) connection to an AP providing internet. One AP configured on the device for the router config and inet bridge. All runs ok except in one situation. If the (router/device) (as client) cannot connect to a AP (that provides the internet) with a valid password then AP created (that the my device/router provide) does not show up on the scan list of available devices and I can't access the device by wireless connection anymore. If use the wired lan and disable the client than the AP show up again. The same happens if I put a wrong password and the the (device/router) try to associate with any other AP. (the internal AP created does not show up on a scan list)

When this happen the wlan becomes disabled and the AP router does show up :frowning:

When this happen on dmesg the last log line only shows:

IPv6: ADDRCONF(NETDEV_UP): wlan0: link is not ready

And I need a ethernet cable no reconfig the device network because I cannot access it anymore

I'am using 19.07

as 19.07 is almost EOL i don't think you'll get fixes here so please test the scenario with 21.02

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