MT6000: Will the router and dumb AP allow devices to jump from the router to AP as needed and vice versa?

I had a g3100 and e3200 from verizon, and when I would connect to either the router or the extender, my phone would automatically choose where it wanted to connect to based off my position in the home.

Or say if I was inside and connected to the router, and then went to the backyard, it would automatically switch to the extender due to its location in the house.

Will two MT6000 do the same when one is the router and the other is set to a dumb AP? Or do I have to choose either the AP or the router and cannot do an automatic handoff from one to the other?

If you use a device in dumb AP mode, it is just another access point on your network -- it's essentially transparent. As long as you set the SSID, encryption type, and passphrase the same as on your main router/AP, your devices will roam from one to the other as needed.

You can tune the radios in each device to optimize the roaming performance. I really like this video which explains the process of configuring the devices for best performance. While it talks about Unifi, the concepts apply the same way to OpenWrt.


Roaming is a client decision - and modern clients tend to have gotten reasonably good about this (in the past 'sticky clients' and other issues were more common than they are today).

While there are things you can do beyond configuring identical access credentials, to aid clients in making better roaming decisions, these are optional, an optimization for (known-) badly behaved clients. It's always preferable to test the waters, before going head first into micro-optimizations (which aren't without side effects either). I do expect that it'll all work out reasonably well for you, without doing anything special - maybe apart from tuning tx power levels down to your environment.

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Thanks for the help. I’m not too smart with this stuff but I somewhat know my way around router GUIs and settings etc. I’m just hoping that it’s going to be somewhat streamlined and well easy I guess? More so just nervous since I’ve never used this kind of router, by that I mean a dumbed down ISP router is what I’m used to.

OpenWRT seems to have a lot of options and I’m hoping it comes kinda preset-up. And all this tweaking I keep reading about, is done by hobbyists trying to squeeze the most out of these router. Similar to people that could run EXPO on their ram, but would rather tune it themselves for that last 3ns on the timings.

Hopefully that made sense lol.