MR90X ssh connect to host port 22: Connection refused

Hi all,
I have been trying to install openwrt on my mercusys mr90x v1 router using installation guide in openwrt wiki.
Currently using virgin media hub 3 in modem mode with mercusys mr90x v1 connected to it and it works fine. I can access the router using and password.
This is my first time doing this sort of thing so I'm a noob.
I connected to the router using wan1 and using powershell in windows with
ssh root@
I get ssh: connect to host port 22: Connection refused
I also tried using linux mint with the same commands and get the same error.
Also tried connected to the router only and get the same error.

Can someone please help me with this?

Is this a typo, and you mean you CANNOT access the router?

or does your main router have the same LAN IP as the MR90X ?

I think they mean that they can access the MR90X through the web interface but not through SSH.


the main router is disabled because it's in modem mode but the LAN IP in

Correct. that's what I mean.

if you really connected your owrt router via its wan port you'll not able to ssh into it. this works as designed. as per the installation instruction you should connect to owrt's lan port to access it.

It's not owrt yet. Still has the oem firmware.
I'm trying to install owrt but as per instructions I need to connect via ssh

then you didn't read them very carefully.

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As @frollic already noted - I too would advise carefully reading the instructions again - especially Step No. 2. You missed something very important.


@frollic @lleachii
I read it carefully. I tried ssh root@ port 20001
I also tried ssh root@ 20001
Like i said I'm new at this so I don't know which one is meant to be.
either way I get the same message

then I guess the syntax's wrong ?
tried "ssh port other than 22" @ google ?
or simply man ssh ?

if you read the guide, and understood the issue, the question would have been "how to change the ssh port" not "ssh connect to host port 22: Connection refused", since it's obviously the wrong port, and the error's expected.

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The instructions do assume familiarity with CLI operations. The format with an OpenSSH CLI client such as the one included with Windows would be to add -p 20001.

I'm not sure why they talk about hacking a file to start a telnet server when the stock firmware has root access by SSH all along.

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As others already noted, the syntax would be:

ssh root@ -p 20001

Likewise, we cannot guess you meant to ask a different question. Glad we figured it out.

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Thank you. All I was missing was - p to select the port.
everyone else assumed I knew I knew it even though I said I didn't.
thank you again

As a reminder, there is a manual for all commands. In the future, you can also reference those.

e.g. -

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you asking the wrong question's hardly the forums fault ... ?

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