MR8300 tester(s) sought -- DSA implementation

Thanks to the work of @robimarko and other contributors, DSA is getting close to the main tree for IPQ40xx devices.

Thanks to those that ported to the Linksys MR8300, I think my patches for the EA8300 should also work there.

If you've got access to an MR8300 and can test this new switch implementation, I'd greatly appreciate it. The source is at if you are able to build it yourself. If not, please PM me and I'll see what we can work out.

If you can't afford the downtime, or just don't want to, seeing the output of fw_printenv ethaddr would be helpful, along with the output of ip link. If the U-Boot environment returns

root@OpenWrt:~# fw_printenv ethaddr

that's consistent with the EA8300 (and not "sensitive", as the "real" MAC address is stored elsewhere). If you want to send me the information over PM, that's OK.