MR8300 - snapshot builds are disabling 5GHz


Is anyone else having problems with the 5Ghz bands being unusable after the snapshot firmware update over this week?

I opened a bug and whoever is responding wants me to go back to the stable build even after explaining that this is happening from the firmware update over this week and works well with the firmware from last week.

I don't understand what is the point of reporting issues if I just have to revert to the previous firmware or a stable build. Seems pointless installing these damn snapshot builds if no one is interested in even listening to what is said or if I have to reset my configuration and redo it every week.

If any other user using this router notices this, please let me know. Else, I might just stop using these snapshot builds and not waste my time reporting issues I find. There are definitely better things to do rather than using this device to help find issues.

I got @robimarko to point out where things have changed in that bug report I opened. Some regulatory change commits have been made to the country I live in. Had to adjust the channels and now it appears to be working.

Thanks for helping find the root cause in that bug. This affects users in RU, IN and HK

I am closing this now.

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