MR33 dropping intermittently since 22.03.x series install

Installed and running the latest OpenWrt 22.03.2 on a Meraki MR33. The MR33 is wired over Cat5e presently to a Cisco SG200 which provides PoE to the device. My main computer is 3-4m away from the device but the signal is strong throughout the house. All 3 antennae on the MR33 are active, though I know one is used on the Meraki firmware for scanning (no idea which one or whether it should be active).


  • Any streaming products like MS Teams, Zoom, Discord drop audio, or video freezes, or wifi drops entirely
  • Latency is higher than I would normally expect and gaming is not a good experience
  • High number of Pause Frames Received on the switch, but only on the MR33 port
  • Frame Sequence Check errors on the switch ONLY for the port to which the MR33 is connected
  • Wireshark shows a high proportion of TCP sequence errors
  • Iperf3 shows a high proportion of TCP retries but only between the MR33 and other systems. The other systems on the same network and within the same VLAN show no errors.


  • MR33 is connected to a PoE port on Cisco SG200-26P and in VLAN'd
  • Switch routes to pfSense firewall on this VLAN to a dedicated NIC
  • Firewall connects to bridged modem with static IP on dedicated NIC
  • Firewall runs pfBlocker and Suricata
  • No other devices or ports exhibit the same issues

What I've Tried

  • Disabling pfBlocker and Suricata together and separately
  • Connecting MR33 directly to switch with new cable (Cat6 and Cat7)
  • Connecting MR33 to different ports on the switch
  • Placing the MR33 at different locations in the house
  • Factory reset and reinstalled OpenWRT on the MR33
  • Factory reset and re-setup the Cisco SG200-26P

At this stage, I'm scratching my head and am wondering if I simply have a hardware issue or is there something specific with OpenWrt and the MR33 I need to figure out? This was working perfectly on previous major versions.

Any thoughts? Thanks all!!

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Try install normal driver (no CT) in my case on mr42 was better. Radio with all standards a/b/g/n/ac is use by cisco default to monitor.