MR3020 on a sailboat as a AP/router

Hey guys & gals, I have a v1 TPMR3020 that i just installed OpenWRT/LEDE on. I'd like to use it in conjunction with my Ubiquiti PicoStation to grab near by wifi signals with the Pico Station then use that internet via the 3020 on the boat with devices connected to the 3020s wifi...

so, I envision it being Internet-->PicoStation-->3020-->laptop-->a happy me

What mode do I put the 3020 in for it to be an AP/Router? Does it need to be a crossover cable between the Picostation and the 3020?


-Jason Meredith
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I do this all the time but with a Bullet m2 and an Airrouter.
Make the Picostation the router (but choose an IP address subnet different to the one on shore eg 10.168.1.x mask works well) with its wireless in sta mode connected to the shore wifi, using luci scan.
Make the TPMR3020 a simple AP by:

  1. disabling dnsmasq (system/startup),
  2. disabling or deleting the WAN interface,
  3. set LAN interface to Protocol: DHCP Client and bridging everything together.

Once you save and apply you will loose contact with the 3020 until it gets an IP from the Picostation.

A crossover cable is unlikely to be needed - they are generally a thing of the past :wink:

Then when connected to your private wifi you can simply browse to lede.lan to get Luci and scan for networks to leach from! :innocent:
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Bridge everything together in:

Modern equipment doesn't need crossover cables, it will automatically switch TX/RX roles as required.

You would set up the MR3020 as a dumb AP, and the Picostation as a routed client.

Are you running OpenWrt in the Picostation now? The Travelmate package could be of interest, it helps you identify and connect to various public networks you might find while traveling.

For the AP you could go to a regular router WR740 etc which has multiple Ethernet ports this would allow you to connect wired users.

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I think I got it figured out last night, had it working but then it got really slow, wireshark showed a bunch of TCP rebroadcasts.

heres my setup:

Picostation as Station with router mode, NAT, and dhcp enabled. LAN=
wired directly to a NanoStation in AP mode. LAN=

I decided to use the 3020 as a backup on an AirLINK GX440.


I have a similar setup with an Alfa Tube 2HP (with a 12dbi 7deg down tilt antenna at about 70ft up the rig) and a WNDR3700 that both have OpenWRT installed. I have the router as with DHCP server enabled and the Alfa Tube plugged into the WAN port and IP as with its own DCHP server. I can log into to do my site survey in a marina.

I figured if the Alfa Tube went down or wasn't used, the router can still hand out IP addressed for a device.

Just an idea, I really dont know what way is better in select situations.