MR26 install with Initramfs

Hi all,

I'm sure I'm maybe missing something obvious but also only have 60% of the picture.

Trying to create the initramfs file to load into the MR26 As per:;a=commit;h=e37ba80633c30ff179df92e8826ba52ff00b2a66
as the "22-143410M-gf25cbf5a-asa" file is missing.

Using for RAM address space :;a=blob;f=target/linux/bcm53xx/patches-5.10/081-next-ARM_dts_BCM53015-add-mr26.patch;h=4517b23f8b7df22b6544ecfd3639a7fc47805462;hb=e37ba80633c30ff179df92e8826ba52ff00b2a66

Using: for the Imagebuilder

Put simply I can generate the Manifest, sysupgrade.bin and squashfs.trx files but not an initramfs

Commands I'm working with now:
make image PROFILE="meraki_mr26" BIN_DIR=/mnt/openwrt/openwrt-imagebuilder-bcm53xx-generic.Linux-x86_64/outs
Also tried adding:
KERNEL_INITRAMFS:= kernel-bin | patch-cmdline | lzma
to the Makefile under ...\linux-bcm53xx_generic directory
Using WSL - but will try on debian tomorrow.

If you can offer some guidance it would be appreciated. Or tell me if I've got the wrong end of the stick.