MR200 unbricked to stock, but

Hello. I unbricked MR200V1 to stock (0.9.1 0.0 v004a.0 Build 151105 Rel.42292n) , using flash programmer and full flash dump posted by Heinz on some forum. Had to use direct programming, because LAN didn't work at all. Now router runs well, 4G modem, both wifi frequencies, lan etc. DUnno why it does not ask me for login for web admin page, only for password. Off course it has S/N, mac, SSID's and wpa keys form Heinz's dump, not from sticker. But that is no problem for me. Real problem is impossible to update firmware from webgui. It loads a file, then prompt "rebooting device please wait" and after 1% there's "ERROR code :500 unknown error". No matter if i use wifi or lan. When choose wrong file it has proper error "wrong file "

So you suggest tftpd method? I don't exactly understood how to cut TP-Link header, fill specific addresses with ff, 00, or delete part of dump ?