MR18 - How to find which firmware is installed?


I am sorry if this is a noob question.
I have an "old" MR18 wifi router that has not been connected for a while.

I wanted to find which firmware version is installed but when I connect to, the firmware information is "empty"

How can I retrieve the firmware information please ? (I am not sure to know how I can do with busybox).

Thanks for your help


You can find which version of the firmware is on your device by running the command “odm fw_version” on the serial connection.

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Thanks a lot for your prompt answer.

Unfortunately, I dont have a serial cable; is there another way to retrieve this information ?

You'd have to ask Cisco (the OEM).

Damn, I am so noob.
What do you mean by "The OEM" please ?

(Google is your friend.)

BTW, welcome to the community, @iautran!

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Thank you; so I understood correctly but how Cisco can give me the information as the MR18 is not connected anymore ?

You asked:

So I suggested you ask Cisco for a second method.

  • We don't know Cisco's software
  • Cisco made the software (they are the OEM)
  • You won't use a Serial cable (because you don't have one)
  • So, only they would definitively know how otherwise

Can you
ssh root@

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You have this

Ya, ask Cisco how to find out the firmware.

Is it running OpenWrt?
Try ssh to it.

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Thank you

No, it's not running OpenWRT yet.
I want to install OpenWRT but first I want to find the firmware version installed to identify the best method to do so.

It seems that I need a UART cable for that even if I am able to connect in web to the router.

Definitely - you'll need a serial cable to install anyway; and if not included, a 5V to 3.3V TTL Serial adapter.

Thanks a lot for the information ! I didn't know that !

I just bought that :

It is written that on the description (not sure to understand this english ! :p)
"Note: 3.3V and 5.0V output is set (this is the power supply to the microcontroller, upgrade machines do not need the small plate) unplugged from the computer, set the jumpers to take, do not live to avoid damage to the equipment."

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I don't clearly understand... :laughing:

...but I think it's warning you not to connect Positive (+) to the board.

Only use three: TX, RX and Ground/Earth.

:warning: You still need to use a 3.3.V TX/RX line/adapter!

Have you had much luck? I’m looking to do the same.

If you want to find out which firmware is installed, then see above: MR18 - How to find which firmware is installed?


  1. Get a serial cable
  2. open your MR18 and attach the serial cable
  3. establish a serial connection to your MR18
  4. on the serial console, execute the command odm fw_version
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