[mqtt] Problem connecting collectd-mod-mqtt to AWS IoT Core

Hi all,

I reported the issue here : https://github.com/collectd/collectd/issues/3834

Any help ?


I would do as advised on that issue: use a local MQTT server and check what are you publishing.

Setting up "vanilla" MQTT to talk to AWS-IoT is not a trivial task, at all. A collectd-module complicates issues even further.
I would simply manually simulate the collectd-data to be sent.
And, when this works, then to use the collectd-module instead. Which is not guaranteed to be free-of-bugs, I guess.
Plain MQTT I already used for comms with AWS-IoT, so you can be shure, this is possible. Whether collectd-plugin is usable, too, I can not decide.

Thanks for the comment. I've tested with a local Mosquitto.
Update here : https://github.com/collectd/collectd/issues/3834

On the same OpenWrt, I bridged a mosquitto broker to AWS and connect collectd-mod-mqtt to this local broker, and it's working ok. All topics are passed though without problem.

So, there is definitely a problem between collecd-mod-mqtt and AWS.