MPD, FAAD plugin sounds awful when playing aac web radio stream

Newest update of FAAD MPD plugin incorrectly probing "audio_format" to 22050 from original rate of 44100

result: awful sound

cat /etc/mpd.conf
playlist_directory	"/root/.mpd/playlists"
db_file			"/root/.mpd/database"

input {
        plugin "curl"

audio_output {
	type 		"alsa"
	name 		"My AUDIO Device"
	mixer_control	"Headphone"
playlist: play 8:""
curl: icy-metaint=1024
decoder_thread: probing plugin faad
icy_metadata: unknown icy-tag: 'StreamUrl'
**decoder: audio_format=22050:16:1**, seekable=false
client: [0] command returned 0
alsa_output: opened default type=PLUG
alsa_output: buffer: size=1024..8192 time=42666..341334
alsa_output: period: size=511..513 time=21333..21334
alsa_output: default period_time = buffer_time/4 = 341333/4 = 85333
alsa_output: format=S16_LE (Signed 16 bit Little Endian)
alsa_output: buffer_size=8192 period_size=512
output: opened "My AUDIO Device" (alsa) audio_format=24000:16:1

@neheb likely related to

Thanks in advance for looking

doubt it.

Can you report this upstream?

edit: which radio stream is this? does it use HE-AAC?

edit2: funny. I recognized the first song...

Playing it locally on Windows (MPC-HC) shows Audio: AAC 22050Hz 2.0 chn 57 kbit/s

There's a lot of crackling.

This is probably using HE-AAC. Unfortunately, an HE-AAC decoder cannot be distributed with OpenWrt as it's totally patented.

edit2: a lot of crackling under firefox too...

Thanks for your prompt reply.

Yes, likely it was a lemon source.

Moreover, using other source, amd64 using VLC report sample rate is 44100 Hz, whilst mpd faad probed as 22050 Hz. The audio playback is not as bad as the 1st source anyway.

MPC-HC on Windows reports Audio: AAC 22050Hz 2.0 chn 60 kbit/s

Sounds fine though.

After I downgraded the faad library by this:

opkg install --force-downgrade

mpd with faad is able to properly decode AAC+ (SBR) and HE-AAC+ (SBR+PS) again.

I am marking this thread as closed if it is [libfaad2_2.9.1-1] expected behavior.

Yeah it is.

ping @yousong

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