MP-DCCP - Multipath support

There is a new open source multipath solution made by Deutsche Telekom Labs called MP-DCCP. Link:

It would be cool to add this feature in OpenWRT.

Unfortunately it looks like the bits that make it work are not open source....


From the README:

While large parts of this software are Open Source Software available under the GPL-2.0 license, all files in the directories "/net/dccp/non_gpl_reordering/" and "/net/dccp/non_gpl_scheduler/" are proprietary, and NOT Open Source Software. These files are made available to you under a source-available license, which means only non-commercial usage is permitted.

There are gpl and non-gpl scheduler and reoredering. The non-gpl are the more sofisticated algorithms, but it totaly works with the gpl algorithms.
Here the technical description:

  • Ummmm where are they?
  • Perhaps you should note your link is a PDF download - I was quite upset when a download occured without my knowledge

Heres the HTML link:


:warning: This is a draft protocol. It is not yet a standard. And I doubt it will be when the refrence has licensing restrictions.

:spiral_notepad: The documentation you linked appears to say nothing about GPL versus non-GPL algorithms (using the search terms "GPL" and "license").

Is there a reason you linked a PDF without the information?

Also, you're suggesting that OpenWrt implement a different version of a protocol than a commercial alternative, because of lack of licensing.

:confused: You're aware this is an Open Source Software project, correct?

Sorry for the pdf link, it was not my intention. Here the right link:

Here the link for both gpl and non-gpl rendere and scheduler:

The good thing is, everyone can add his own scheduler and reorderer in addition to the exisitng one.

I know OpenWRT is a open source project :wink:

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I happened to observe something - and hence I must ask:

  • I noticed that you joined recently
  • Your only post thus far (and seems most of your reading) was to make this Feature Request

Are you related to this project in any way?

No, just a possible user for LTE bonding of multiple modems. Actually I’m using Peplink with Speedfusion and FusionHub, but this devices are not well suited for my application (drones). I came across MP-DCCP and had few video calls with the developer to understand how it works.