Moving to LEDE from DD-WRT

I've an old TP-LINK WR941NDv3 with DD-WRT installed on it, and wanna move to LEDE: what are the recommended steps? previously revert to stock?
Thanks in advance!

I personally would revert to stock then move LEDE. Remember to clear nvram/factory reset in between.

Do you recommend to do the factory reset prior to back to stock or between stock and LEDE? (or both?)

In theory, doing factory resets shouldn't be required, but it won't hurt and will decrease the risks of weird behaviour (to do it both times).

This :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
The extra precaution never hurts

Perfect! Thanks to both!

I was not able to find this because I was searching "ddwrt" instead "dd-wrt" :frowning:

I did write my question here Install LEDE on DD-WRT ASUS RT-AC68U

So I did flash my device to stock and then to LEDE.
@komawoyo what do you mean factory reset in between?

After I did flash stock on dd-wrt I did get default configuration in stock, well I did used this file from dd-wrt : webrevert
Then I did flash LEDE and everything is working fine ...