Move temp menu to system bar

i have installed luci-app-temp-status in my router, and it shows my router temperature

how can i move this information to system bar like this? so i don't have to scroll just to see temperature...

I want to know too. I want to move it to the menu.

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ζˆ‘δΉŸζƒ³ηŸ₯道 ζˆ‘ζƒ³η§»εˆ°θœε•δΈŠ

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I want it too but luci-app-temp-status returns no results and I have statistics installed.

There is no official luci-app-temp
Similarly, there is no kernel 5.15-flippy or GUI clash-wall something.
The OP is using some heavily modded Chinese (?) version.

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Thank you!

i get it from github

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I get cpuusage function working
But temperature script still not working, it showed as [object Object]
Real temperature number are in temperature section (using luci-app-temp-status)

I want to move temperature code from luci-app-temp-status script (29_temp.js) to System menu (10_system.js), but the code is too complicated for me (there is if and else function to call, and i have zero knowledge in javascript... )

tried to copy the whole code and causing error in home menu