Move build directory to another hard drive?

So i did this, copy seemed to go off without a hitch... but now i get errors when re-compile at new location...

I don't want to re-fetch from git... I've tried make clean make dirclean and even tried make distclean (but i moved my feeds and dl directory before)

Anyone else have experiance in moving build directory's?

(in the future ill be building on a vm... But I would love to salvage this build if I can...)

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

If you're on the same machine

mv path/to/openwrt new/path/to/openwrt

across machines

rsync -aviih path/to/openwrt

the first time, as the new openwrt/ won't exist. Thereafter (note the additional / and destination-path change):

rsync -aviih path/to/openwrt/

(You don't need the extra output from -viih, but it gives me confidence to watch it fly past.)

Thanks for the help

So i did do the

mv path/to/openwrt new/path/to/openwrt

On the same machine and that when i started getting compile errors... Anything else?

There may be some full paths stored in the current build results. I've not run into that myself, but I pretty much always run

make -jN clean download world

If things get really wonky, tar up your build tree for safe keeping and try

make distclean

It's a big sledgehammer, so you'll likely have to update/install feeds and the build will likely re-download sources.

Thanks. Tried, still fail... I do have a copy of the source backed up, im going to play with this for while.