Mounting USB drive for NAS

Could you please guide how to mount usb drive via web interface, i have tried mount points but no success. i am on openwrt with dir-2640
also i am searching, how to block websites like facebook, tried add block => edit blacklist section but no luck.

Please help.


look through here
it's not really what you want
but there are thing like formatting you can't do via the web interface

if you want to block one address
put it under Network>hostnames
and direct it to another ip like your router or other

Yes, I have checked that, but I don't want to change portion type. it will work with ext4 and i am on ntfs single partition which already working with stock firmware. please share accordingly.


for ntfs just install ntfs-3g
but the performance takes a big hit

is there any Ui available to block websites?

hostnames is in the luci user interface

yes they should shouldn't they
but well no they don't

Dear, How we can block https using stock firmware, any idea?

Can you share a firmware which already implemented usb host (NAS) with https website block?

If they don't, how can we?

We could have a flash dump, at best.

I have provided a decrypted version
that dlink should also provide

the internet won't be much use if you block all HTTPS sessions
but you can block all access to all external port 443's in the firewall

yeah, but I am unable to block https sites with it, its works with http only, also openwrt has adblock which is beneficial.

so I means a precompiled openwrt firmware or other compatible with it. I am just asking.


As i used tplink, my previous router, it was has parental control with https sites. same i am saying..

Now you're contradicting yourself..

really ?
I wish dlink would provide a decrypted version
if they did I would not have to do it !
how is this contradicting

sorry I don't know of any parental control packages for openwrt

np lucky, can you pleas help me to add usb storage as nas, i am strugglig from two days with different- different articles.
kindly provide a set of commands to do it. (ext4/ ntfs any easy to do)

I have tried lot of things but no success.
drives with stock firmware is fine.


install all of these packages under System>Software
then reboot

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under System>Mount points
find you usb device & mount as /mnt/sda1/

under Services>Network shares
add /mnt/sda1/ with allow guests
create mask 666 dir mask 777

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