Mount remote FTP server

Hello to all,
Is there a way to mount a remote FTP server?


The documentation says use curlftpfs...but I'm not sure if the curl package provides that.

Is not enough :frowning: i need to mount an remote ftp to share it with samba and curl can't do that ... i tried with webdav, but it create a large temporary file and i don't have space so my only option is to connect by ftp...

Thanks for your help.

ssh(fs) not available?

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I also tried ssh(fs), but don't seems to work, it gives me error - i searched that error meaning and it seems that server refuse my connection, i should ask my provider if support that type of connection...
By the way for sshfs connection you need ssh connection on the server, right?

server should support sftp
client should install sshfs client that provides the remote mount capability

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These are the FTP connections supported by my provider - i'll write the aa e-mail.

Digi Storage supports 3 FTP connection modes:

  • ftp - the connection is made on port 21 without encryption
  • ftps - the connection is encrypted and made on port 990, but it is an outdated protocol
  • ftpes - the connection is encrypted and made on port 21, being also the protocol recommended by the Digi Storage team

I also have old device which has only ftp.

Any ideas how difficult is make this curlftpfs for OpenWRT 21.02 (mips_24kc)? I found really old package feed for it but how to get it working on new relasease :thinking:

Then I could share old ftp share from OpenWRT with sftp.