Mount Points fail 22.03.02 firmware but OK in 19.07.10

So I've used the OpenWrt online instructions to setup Mount Points File-Systems with 22.03.02 firmware. From the CLI response all appeared to OK until I "ls -l /mnt/sda1" cmd and got nothing. I wiped the firmware back to virgin copy, went to the Luci Mount Points tab, with my USB drive attached clicked "Generate Config", none (3 connected) drive do not show in the Mount File System when I selected my 3 drives.

I reverted my firmware back to 19.07.10, repeated my steps using the Luci interface then my 3 drives were "Mounted file systems" in Luci Mount Points. I'm sticking with firmware 19.07.10 until this is fixed.

Any comments? What did I do wrong if anything?

Did you install the appropriate file system kernel modules?


I use NTFS file system since its compatible with my other devices. I read the install instruction back and forth and followed a pretty good utube instruction

That didn't answer the question - so I setup/tested myself. NTFS USB drives work here on 22.03.2 - using the OpenWrt Wiki and the video provided.

opkg update
opkg install ntfs-3g kmod-usb-storage block-mount
  • Hit "Generate Config"


What did you expect to see?

Did you try:

ls -l /mnt

root@OpenWrt:~#  ls -l /mnt
drwxr-xr-x    2 root     root           160 Jan  4 17:17 sda1
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