Most supported 802.11ac chipset of 2018

What is the most open and supported 802.11ac chipset in 2018? The closest thing to a modern ath9k. That was fully open which led to it being a big part of the Make-Wifi-Fast project.

It seems the choices are the mt76 (smallest blob, but not the most active development community?), ath10k ("big" binary blob, but still open enough to get some recommendations and more support than mt76?) and Marvell mwlwifi (still has stability problems in 2018 and they can't be fixed because Marvell doesn't open the code).


This chipset received a lot of updates during December which greatly improves performance. I think it is still actively being developed.

Don't be fooled :slightly_smiling_face: . QCA went with a Broadcom style binary blob that even handles stuff a sane person would expect the driver to handle. Apparently they have the binary blob even rewrite 802.11 frames and whatnot....

I doubt we will see something like ath9k soon

But, crucially, unlike Broadcom it's not a binary kernel module, so you're not stuck on an ancient version of Linux for it to work.

Agreed. Mt76 is the closest we'll get for now. Development seems to have really picked up though, and I am really happy with my Dir-860l. Cheap, very fast and good WiFi performance. No complaints from me.