Most recommended, mid to high-end NETGEAR (or other brand) Router?

see if you can get your hands on

Here in Korea we got ipTime, Elecom seems to be near exclusively Japan. ipTime I see in the Table of Hardware is also fairly supported, but I never liked ipTime and I would only buy it if I can 100% flash OpenWRT to it. I am currently reading through the ToH.

And checked just to make sure, yeah I can't, Elecom is Japan only.

EDIT: Ok scrap ipTrash, seems like they're only actually kinda supported but no real install instructions are available, and I'm not fussing around again like as I did with the R7900P.

Did you look close enough? The tech data pages link to the git commit adding support for the hardware in question, and those commits are supposed to contain explicit installation instructions, like for the AX2004M.

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Good point, I didn't, but I usually don't go into checking the git commits, I use the ToH pages they link to in the wiki. But what it tells me is that usually they aren't well supported or cared for if people cannot even write the initial wiki article, just my 2 cents on it. But even then, I gotta find the best out of those and I don't think any of them is worthy of being in my house :joy:

EDIT: Oooof, ok, looked into them, and flash is HEAVILY limited, 16MB flash is exactly the reason why I am going away from my current TP-Link Archer C50, I need more flash memory and 16MB doesn't cut it. And it seems like that the top model that is supported, A8004T, is the one with 16MB flash. I don't wanna know what the rest has in that case :roll_eyes:

if people don't do it, it won't happen ... this is a community driven project.


Indeed so, but if I managed to get my model working with my work, I'd write the article. But anyhow, ipTime is out the window regardless as even the top model seems to only have 16MB flash, omega yikes...

And I want to avoid loading packages/modules from a USB device if I can get a Router with 128MB flash. I should've clarified that 128MB flash is the bare minimum I can accept. 64MB if the Router is really good, so strikingly good that the 64MB is the biggest issue and nothing else. Design has to knock me out of my socks (like the R8000), CPU/RAM speed (SoC) has to blow me outta my shoes too, and price as well. If that ends up being the case, 64MB is acceptable IF it has a USB port so that I could use that for loading/installing additional packages.

In order to reflect on all my "needs" accordingly, I'll update the OP so that future readers might be able to assist better.

guess the wax202 is out of the question, since you want something that looks like a spider turned upside down ?

if you have patience the wax206 might work too, but it's currently not supported, same chipset as the rt3200 though, but has 2.5 GbE uplink port.

no USB ports, the 202 does however have 128 mb flash.


Not necessarily requiring the R8000 design (but yeah, I do like that upside-down spider actually), but yeah the WAX202 is not my style really, but I do appreciate you recommending it. The WAX206 is the same in terms of design unfortunately, but again, I really appreciate you taking the time to recommend them to me.

And yeah, also no USB ports, so that already disqualifies them based on that alone. But again, thanks a bunch for trying to recommend something to the needy me :blush:

To add to that, the WAX206 doesn't seem like a bad choice, and I might consider it if I can get it here in Korea easily, it being cheaper and it getting OpenWRT support basically today hahaha.

EDIT: Checked, WAX202 and 206 are only obtainable via importing, which takes many weeks and the price is near 200$, so I might as well just buy the R8000 for 50$ extra at that point.

Well... The data page requires someone to write it, too. And like I said earlier, commits are required to contain full installation instructions, has been for some time.

Spiders have 8 legs, decapods (as the name implies) have 10, it is insects that have 6 legs, just as the r8000 has 6 antennas. In addition the devices proportions seem more like a true bug (just missing the wings).

Not sure I can actually help this thread along, as the core requirement "nice and modern" look are pretty subjective.
However consider splitting the router duty into a dedicated wired router and an AP, in which case you might get a capable router small enough to hide away and hence can focus on getting an AP with your desired look (you might be able to continue using your TP-Link Archer C50 as AP for some time).

No shit !?

I suppose I failed to properly articulate that this Router will be serving as an inlet, to take WiFi in and send it out again through both LAN and WiFi, a sort of extender. But I prefer Routers working as extenders instead, as they are far more capable than extenders are, and Mesh isn't necessary in my case. And a regular WiFi adapter for my Desktop is not something I'm after because it limits me to using the main Router for firewall and all, and that one is basically only a modem with bare minimum functionality in terms of port-forwarding and such (and laying a cable isn't possible). I've settled on using a Router as an extender, and if I later want to use it as my main device, I can, then I wouldn't need to buy a new Router again, I can just switch mode. That is why I am as picky as I am, btw.

I know you mentioned the WAX206 is currently not supported, would it be possible for me to try to install the mediatek/mt7622/ package or better just wait for official support? Either way I need a replacement router that doesn't look like a spider and this looks very nice. :slight_smile:

WAX202 is supported, WAX206 isn't.

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Apologies, that's what I meant, the WAX206 is what I'd like to get. Should I try to use that mt7622 package?

Only if you don't mind the non working 2.5gbe uplink port.

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As long as it's 1gb I'm happy. Thank you!

I'd still be very careful, hope you got serial access.

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I plan to further investigate this promptly. However, I also just got invited to talk at the OSS Japan and preparing that upstream TSN stuff will likely keep me rather busy. Not to speak of having another go at the HMP/Zephyr topic there as well...


Thank you so much! Really appreciate it.