Mosquitto, Reliable?

I Want to use the Mosquitto package with my AX6 (No USB Port)
I Saw lot of configs that enabling "persistence" and it creat a file every X seconds... why is this neccessary? I Dont have USB port and im affraid of using this feature to not ruin my NAND .
Any suggestions about it ?

if you don't have usb on your router you could try to mount a network drive (nas) or similar and make it write the files there

obviously you must have a working network (lan or wan) see:

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In which case it would make more sense to run the mosquitto instance on that NAS as well, otherwise you end up in a full heap of bootstrapping issues (router needs to be up to provide dhcp to the nas, nas needs to be up to mount the nfs share; yes, static IPs, not really much better).

You really don't want to write to your router's internal flash (because that will kill it soon and replacing it is hard), but at the same time you really don't want your router to depend on anything inside- or outside your network either. Meaning a device without USB ports is unsuitable for this task - or the whole 'optional' stack of server tasks is better run on different hardware to begin with.


But why do It needs to write anything to storage?
I Only need it as MQTT Broker... not as client...
I Don't understand the write part for MQTT Broker...

Logs, maybe?

Idk, that's why I need an answer...
If it's for logs then I don't care about it

Nothing to do with logs

You said it yourself, persistent data is written every so often

You need to write persistent data somewhere persistent otherwise it's not exactly persistent.

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Otherwise, persistent data would be lost when mosquitto restarts.

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