More flash memory on R6350

I am new to this OpenWrt community and i just know basic operations for this os
I had a question about available flash memory as i have only 29mb available as compared to 128mb that my device has, So is there any way to increase this memory?

Not really, it's a consequence of the flash partitioning chosen by the OEM.

All in all you have 40 MB raw space, minus ECC overhead needed for NAND and ubi/ ubifs and probably not all of this is usable for the rootfs either (radio calibration data, etc.), so the 33-34 MB you get (assuming a normal sized squashfs of ~4.5 MB) are in line with comparable devices.

Having 128 MB NAND flash doesn't imply that it can be used in its entirety, first of you are limited to the partitioning selected by the OEM, then you loose some overhead to ECC, which is required for NAND. This can't be changed easily/ reasonably, as it's part of the device's basic design.

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okay thanks for the explanation
I heard that it can be customized by making a custom openwrt build?
is it easy to do or will it cause a big headache?
Im okay with he space i get but was just worried if that much low space is an issue

In theory, yes[0] - in practice it depends a lot on the existing bootloader and is very, very risky (even more so with NAND flash, as the smallest mistake will brick the device for good).

[0] but it's a fully manual process, so you need to know exactly what you're doing - and how.

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Thank you man!! Yeah I was thinking of building one had all cloned to pc but then I thought I would have no way of repairing this router if it bricks so I just gave up and am using the 29mb happily

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