More filters on the Table of Hardware page

Hi ladies and gentlemen, I have a suggestion for the development of the Table of Hardware page.

Background (off-topic).

I have been thinking about buying a new router for a long time. I want a router that can work simultaneously on 2.4 and 5 GHz frequencies, have USB for connecting external HDDs, powerful enough and most importantly that would support OpenWRT firmware. And with the last one I have problems. In local stores all routers that are on sale, or do not support OpenWRT, or support but I can not afford.

That's why I do the opposite, I open the Table of Hardware page, look there for routers that support the latest firmware with more than 8/64 memory, and then try to find these routers in an online store.

And in this connection I have a suggestion, can you expand the columns of the table on the Table of Hardware page? In addition to those that are already there, please add columns that will indicate how much memory and RAM the device has, and the approximate cost of the device. It would help a lot with searching for a suitable device...

Somebody did that for you

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I didn't know that

Can't multiple filters be specified in this table at once? For example, RAM from 128 to 512 MB?

There is just AND in that wiki query language....

It doesn't make any sense. There can't be 128 and 512 RAM in a router at the same time. Only OR

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