Monitoring wireless congestion

I live in a fairly congested area, so choosing a good wifi channel is quite important. I have tried several tools to monitor wifi congestion, but all of them seem to report just the number of APs in my area. I would rather know how congested is each channel in terms of actual traffic.

Can this kind of monitoring be done from OpenWrt? Thanks!

I tend to ignore the number of Access Points per channel and focus on the channel which has Access Points with the weakest signal.

Hi @eduperez

I use Wifi Analyzer app for Android in my mobile to check how cogested is a zone. Try it!!

That is one of the apps that I mentioned: it gives me info about the number of APs and their signal, but not the amount of traffic.

One channel can have dozens of AP that are never used, and be less congested than another channel where a couple of APs are transmitting constantly.

Run a monitor interface on a wireless adapter into tcpdump or wireshark.

In /etc/config/wireless

config wifi-iface
	option device 'radio24'
	option mode 'monitor'
	option ifname 'mon24'
jeff@office:~$ sudo tcpdump -ni mon24
tcpdump: verbose output suppressed, use -v or -vv for full protocol decode
listening on mon24, link-type IEEE802_11_RADIO (802.11 plus radiotap header), capture size 262144 bytes
[lots of lines follow]
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i think there was a project on the turris-omnia which shows wifi spectrum usage via front-leds. iirc this was done via the ath-ct driver (either hacked together or out of the box via sysfs). will post the link if i find it.

afaik also the horst tool does show spectrum usage


Both tcpdump and horst seem to be exactly what I was looking for; many thanks for your advice.

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