Monitor radius server stats

I am running openwrt 22.03.2 on TP Link Archer A7 v5.
I have followed this guide [OpenWrt Wiki] FreeRADIUS
and successfully setup a radius server on the router itself.
I don't know much about radius servers. And due to low storage space, i have not installed freeradius3-utils package, which has the "radwho" command to see current logged in users.

Is there any other way to monitor this radius server. I would only like one specific thing to monitor, "Which IP address belongs to which radius user".
I have also setup a dhcp script which sends me a email for unknown devices in my lan network. It gives me the hostname and ip address of the unknown device.
Is there a way to see which radius user was used to login to that specific ip address?

The /var/log/radius.log file doesn't show user authentication logs and/or ip address of the user.
I have also tried copying radwtmp to another pc and running the " last -f radwtmp " command, but it shows very few records of login and that too with wrong date and time. Also no ip address.

I am running home assistant on another pc in my lan. Maybe someone knows of a script or plugin, so i can get some info about user and ip?