Monitor multiple devices including openwrt routers, raspberry and macs

I have some openwrt routers (my, parents', girlfriend's). I want to collect information about these devices status and latency and receive notifications if one of them goes offline.
Also I'd like to be able to see the same information about some PCs, raspberries and virtual private services.

Are there any popular solutions for such purposes?
Is zabbix a good idea for me?
I've found a key word Netflow on this forum. But seems like it cant be used for hosts (raspberry, macos..).

For general purpose monitoring, I use Monit (free).

You can do simple monitoring like pings for online/offline detection, to very complex (self-written) scripts for more complicated needs. The documentation has great examples.

Notification is also a part of the package.

-- Steven

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Hi. Thank you. Ive gone through it quickly and didnt understand. Is it a client-server application? I.e. is there a client to be set up on each device and a server to be set up on some vps?

It has a server set up which performs the monitoring based on a configuration. If you want to monitor something on another client (beyond a basic "are you there?" ping), you have to do some scripting (on the monit server) to do what you want.


for simple latency, UP/DOWN events and similar, zabbix is a good choice

anything beyond that
WIFI statistic, SNMP, IPv4/IPv6 addresses/routes
FDB entries and similar, LibreNMS with few pach will be the best

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