Monitor active TCP/UDP connections + packets/payloads?


I'd like to view all active connections "in a friendly way" containing the source IP, the destination IP (DNS resolved if possible) and also the data sent (packets, payloads if possible, size of payload and so bandwidth used).
I mean something similar to "LuCI > Status > Realtime Graphs > Connections", but more detailed, especially about the payloads / packets sent to the destinations!

Any friendly CLI real-time view is fine, but also something like exporting data from my OpenWRT router (e.g. via SSH) to show it on any cool (web) app, if existing!
ATM I'm using tcpdump -i br-lan ... sending the results to my local machine via SSH to show it on wireshark, but I'm not totally satisied by the Wireshark view, maybe because I dont know it very well!


You can check iptraf-ng -> Statistical breakdowns... -> By TCP/UDP port for the interface you are interested. You may also want to extend the monitored ports from Settings -> Additional ports... from 1024 to 65535.

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