Mofi4500 bricked after pulling modem module

I pulled the module to make custom router.
I am getting a rapid light blink on wifi and any port i plug up to.
I have tried holding reset and tried holding with powercycle to hard reset the device but it will not go. Any ideas how to get it to let me in. I want to flash the firmware.
I have tied and

Unplug. Hold reset. Plug in. Keep holding reset until usb light comes on, then release reset btn. on any main LAN port using edge browser. Hit refresh, after releasing the reset button, until the backup flash loader appears. Sometimes its in Chinese, but the UI is obvious on what to do.

I found that mofi calls for an address just before checking for the module. So i just plugged the module up with usb and then flashed the router with openwrt. thanks

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