Modifying an existing image

I am a newbie to OpenWRT development. A friend of mine has left me with a dragino ms14 where a chaos calmer 15.05 is running. But he made a custom build of the OS. Now I have to make new changes by adding new files and some packages. But all I am left with is the kernel.bin, root-squashfs.bin and squashfs-sysupgrade.bin files of the custom build that he made. Is it possible to make a new image from this existing files?

Why not use the current release and imagebuilder

Actually, the version that I have now has many customization. If I build a new one, I have make the current customization as well along with the new ones. So I was wondering if by any chance I could skip the process of starting from the beginning.

The interaction between kernel, libraries, and applications makes much more than replicating the original unlikely to run as expected.

The version you have is unsupported and known insecure at this time.

Your description of why you can’t build a new image is not at all clear. What “customizations” do you need to keep?

You can add more packages and edit any configuration file on a running system, or what else do you need to change?

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No, you cannot simply modify the final BIN files; nor can you make a new image from them. You must build a new image. As @eduperez noted, you should be able to install non-kmod packages.

Thanks a lot to all of you. To be honest, I am very new to openwrt and I have very less idea of how to make an image or modify the configuration files. Previously I only worked on developing microcontroller based systems. Anyway I understand now that I have to build a new image. I am currently going through the image building documentations. Hopefully I'll be able to develop a clear understanding of it.


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