Modify USB options driver to support new device

I am trying to add support for a new USB modem in OpenWRT. The manufacturer has supplied option.c and usb_wwan.c highlighting the changes that are required to be made in usb serial options kernel module. However, when I searched the code of OpenWRT, I could not locate source code of this kernel module. Where can I find the source code of the same?

It's located in the linux kernel source code:

To add it properly to OpenWrt, you have to create a patch here:

To add the patch, here is the OpenWrt related documentation:

It's not that easy to modify the files by hand...


I am trying it.

Thanks it works. Followed the process and created a patch and it worked as expected.

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Hopefully you will send your patch to the mailing list or create a PR on github if your modifications meets the gpl license requirements...
If this goes well, the way to merge it into mainline linux isn't far away.

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