Modify layer_cake.qos diffserv4 DSCP assignation

Hi, i was playing with dscp tagging using iptables and layer_cake, and i noticed that CS4 goes into the Voice tin in diffserv4 layer cake. Would it be possibile to modify it so that CS4 falls into the video tin?
If yes, how i do that, where is the layer_cake.qos config directory in CLI? Thank you

You would have to built a modiefied version of the cake qdisc as the dscp to tin mapping is hardcoded. But why not simply remap CS4 into something different at the source application?

BTW. the tin names are really just convenient monikers for the different tins, so video content does not need to end up in the tin named video....

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Thank you so much for your answer, the problem i have is that i'm only using wifi clients in my house because i have strong 5 ghz coverage and i don't need ethernet. But WMM puts CS4 in the video queue, cake instead puts it in the voice tin. Now i'm not expert so i was trying to avoid any conflicts in the queue, and for bandwidth reasons i would like to have CS4 in the video tin. I think i'll just end up using AF41 instead of CS4. The reason i wanted to use CS4 is because i read that cisco recommends it for TelePresence traffic. But maybe i'm just overthinking :sweat_smile:

If you assign dscps yourself and are in control of the applications it is irrelevant what cisco recommends, no?

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Yeah i do all the marking myself, so i'm sticking with af41 for video, thank you for the clarification! :slightly_smiling_face:

I might have been a bit brash, if you know about real existing applications that by default use CS4 for traffic that should not be in AC_VO, I am sure we can get that assignment changed. But until there is such a case, I guess leaving cake alone might make less work?

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