Modified UCI page

Mostly @tmomas and @richb-hanover @bobafetthotmail,

I've made a small edit to the bottom of UCI page, I've added the section for Finding problematic config files based on @jow's comment in one of the threads.

Please see if the section name can be improved.

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There's a couple of different ways you could word it, however for the current wording, I'd recommend choosing either "problematic" or "erroneous" and not both due to the ToC (I personally prefer erroneous).

  • I know I have a different view than most when it comes to wikis, so this opinion may not be echoed, but I personally try to ensure ToC nestings are one liners, two at most (and only when necessary), otherwise it muddles the ToC, potentially making deciphering where one should look more difficult
  • What do you think about: "Finding Erroneous Configs", "Finding Erroneous Options in Configs", "Finding Erroneous Config Files", etc.?
    • I'm not as familiar with uci as I should be, but does/can uci configure configs located outside of /etc/config/? If so, the script block could be changed to the least nested directory to be ran against.

BTW, thanks for adding that, as it's already been helpful on one of my routers =]

We're totally on the same page here. How about "Finding faulty configs"? Because it's in UCI section, it should be understood what configs, where would they be located, etc.

uci totally can be ran against any custom folder. Please elaborate on the "least nested directory".

Finding Faulty Configs works as well.

I could have articulated that better, i.e. /etc/ instead of /etc/config/, or whatever the top level directory would be that would contain config files and/or configs in nested directories edited/editable by uci

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Thank you for your feedback, I'll modify the heading of that section.

As far as I know, uci only modifies files in /etc/config/ unless there's an explicit command to modify other files (like on routers with the slider it may make sense to store different sets of configs for each mode and uci can be set to work directly on directories other than /etc/config/).

I can append the script if my assertion is incorrect. However if someone else wants to have the script ran on a different directory, I'd imagine they'd be shell-scripting savvy enough to modify one line of it.