Modhostapd in 2020


I've got two APs, both running OpenWRT (on a snapshot from a few weeks ago as the hardware is quite new).

My iPhone has a tendency to 'hang onto' one of the APs when the signal is low, instead of roaming to the AP with the stronger signal.

This regularly results in dropped calls through FaceTime Audio, Skype etc.

I have tried to read up on this, and I have found a lot of references to modhostapd, all dated 2017. Is this now part of mainline OpenWRT? If it isn't, is it difficult to patch my installations of OpenWRT?



You can do this by your own also:

So no need to integrate this as a patch.

IMO this is not a job for the RouterOS. It's up to the Wifi adapter to trigger roaming scan for another AP when the signal strength of the current AP is to low. But scanning is consuming battery power. So it is a tradeoff.