Modem Telecom ADSL2+ Wi-Fi N (Broadband ADB - P.DG A4001N A-000)

Can I use the following modem "Modem Telecom ADSL2+ Wi-Fi N (Broadband ADB - P.DG A4001N A-000)", which has 2 antenna, to use with generic firmware without give away its all features ?

If you install OpenWrt into an ADB P.DG. A4001N A-000-1A1-AX the ADSL modem in it won't work because there are no available open source drivers for it.

If you want to use the ADSL modem, you should flash different non OpenWrt/LEDE firmwares like the ones in the following guide in Italian Language:,73760.0.html

There is no difference between ADB P.DG. A4001N A-000-1A1-AX with or without external antenas