Modem settings and connection problem (OpenWRT Xiaomi 3g vs Technicolor CGA2121 modem)

I installed OpenWRT 21.02 stable on my Xiaomi 3g router, I think everything went fine.

I have ISP issued modem Technicolor CGA2121 and cable is connected on LAN port1 that is going to WAN port on my Xiaomi. Im not sure if thats how its supposed to be?

From Xiaomi 2 LAN cables are going one to the PC and other to the TV. I think I can connect TV to internet with wireless if its needed.

PC thats connected to my Xiaomi with lan cable is losing internet connection every ~minute and its coming back after 10/15 seconds.

Also I did not change any of the setting on my Technicolor modem or Xiaomi router, I only disabled/enabled WIFI and Im pretty sure I should do something there too...

I tried googling and I found bunch of stuff but Im not any smarter, I dont know what should I do... Im a noob when it comes to this sort of things, sorry. Any help is highly appreciated!

What are the WAN and LAN IPs of the Xiaomi ?

if you don't need the double NAT, you should probably reconfigure your Xiaomi to a dumb AP.

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This is the issue I have: