Modem + router combination. modem only for dsl. router for pppoe dhcp and all of other than dsl. how to connect modem+router ? which settings?

hello everyone.

i'm user of zyxel P-2812hnul-F1. i'm using this modem for dsl modem and router. my plan is using modem for only dsl connection. and i will add router for pppoe ( i will use my dsl username and password for pppoe) and dhcp and other than all of dsl connection.

i'm planning using two openwrt device. (modem and router)

i can use one or more advice. i can use all of them and use fastest one when i buy router. i need to learn before buy router.

i found only this link Single Device (modem/router combo) faster than two (bridge+router) VRX200 - #4 by Betty for my needs. i can learn other links.

  • configure the modem to pure modem mode (PPPoE pass-through/ bridging), no PPPoE configuration on the modem.
  • connect your router's WAN port with the LAN port of your modem.
  • configure VLAN tagging and your PPPoE credentials on the router as needed.

Thank u very much. may be i can ask little more when i buy router.