Modem-Router before OpenWrt (Fritzbox 4020): which one?

I have Fritzbox 4020 with OpenWRT, wanted to get a Fritzbox 7530 as a modem router and make router cascade. Access points are EAP245 from TP-Link, so I don't need good wifi from either OpenWRT or the Modem. Telephone will be taken care of by AGFEO. I plan to hook AGFEO system on the modem router, making it independent of OpenWRT.

Now, the electric contractor who is supposed to buy me the modem says that they can't get FB7530 (chip-shortage?), but they can get FB7590 right away. It's on them, it doesn't cost me. I see that chipsets are different in these two, and I think I heard that FB7530 is more stable. (I have VDSL100 from the Deutsche Telekom), but I'm not sure. Is it true? Another thing is that FB7590 consumes a lot more electricity, but I guess if I keep wifi off, perhaps it's less?

I do have a spare FB7530 which I plan to use elsewhere, so if FB7530 is better, I can just use that one for now, make them buy another one when it becomes available, and use it for somewhere else.

I would appreciate if you could please give me advice: wait for FB7530, or let them buy FB7590 right away, or perhaps ask for something else?

There shouldn't be a meaningful difference in the stability of the DSL connection, as both use the same Lantiq/MaxLinear VR11 modem. The SoCs are different, Lantiq/MaxLinear GRX550 for the 7590, and Qualcomm IPQ4019 for the 7530. (This only applies to the non-AX models, the newer AX models actually do have different modems: 7590 AX keeps the SoC of the 7590, but uses a VR12 modem, 7530 AX is an entirely different device using a Broadcom SoC and modem.)

If you wanted to use OpenWrt on the device itself, then out of these the 7530 would be the only option (but the DSL modem is NOT supported on OpenWrt, unless one builds a custom image with the required drivers).

For using the 4020 as a router, keep in mind that it only has 100Mbit/s Ethernet ports, which is going to slightly reduce the download rate depending on how your DSL line syncs.


Thank you for your reply! I meant ax. I didn't think about the old models. I think Broadcom is supposed to be very stable with vdsl. Is that right? Would it be better than 7590ax? How is it compared to old 7530?

Now it turned out that they are able to get 7530AX: I didn't explicitly write AX, so they just looked for the old 7530 and couldn't find it!

I might upgrade 4020 at some point, but there are going to be about 5-6 users with a few devices, spread over multiple APs (but each person is probably within the range of one AP), I think 100Mbs/port is good enough.

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