Modem ---> Protectli Firewall(router) ---> OpenWRT Router: Basic Questions

I am new to this process (haven't set it up yet, but hardware ordered). But this is my understanding. The firewall (router) will connect to the modem and handle all the firewall and router duties (DHCP, VPN, VPN policy routing, etc). The OpenWRT router (Turris Omnia) will be a dumb access point according to this page.

Right now I have the Turris Omnia OpenWRT router running my network. All my wired connections plug into my Turris Omnia (printer, desktop computers, etc).

My question is this: After the setup in the title (when I connect the modem to the WAN port of the Protectli and connect the Turris Omnia to the LAN port of the Protectli) do I still connect the wired part of my network to the Turris Omnia or do I connect them to the OPT ports on the Protectli?

Or am I completely off track?

Thanks in advance.

Why not simplify things by configuring everything in the Turris Omnia, and the connecting this to the modem and thence to the internet?
All you need to make this work is your ISP username and password?

Hi waynea:

Thanks for the response.

This is my current setup. I want a dedicated firewall (I know I don't necessarily need one but I would like the learning that comes with setting it up).

Thanks again.

In dumb-AP configuration, all (LAN-) ports of your AP are (remain) bridged to the wireless, so they're effectively just 'free' switch ports (effectively behaving as unmanaged by default, but you can of course also configure multiple VLANs as well).

You already have one in OpenWRT. What you're proposing to do is replace your existing setup with essentially the same setup, but presumably with different software running on the new router?

Thanks for the info. That is what I was looking for.


SOHO's generally use dedicated firewall software like OPNsense or pfSense, which is what I want.