Modem in bridge mode


I have a Netgear DM200 with OpenWRT and I would like to use it with a Ubiquiti Edgerouter X.

I read the modem needs to be "set it in bridge mode. Then set up PPPoE on EdgeRouter."

How the hell do I set the modem to bridge mode from the GUI?

Or is there another way for an ADSL modem to work with the Edgerouter-X???

Thx a lot!!

See this old thread on subject of DM200 in bridge mode using OpenWRT. The lack of a second LAN port makes it more difficult to set up than other VDSL/ADSL devices. Consequently, it can't be done via GUI on DM200.

fwiw, I would suggest looking at whether you can return to stock Netgear firmware and configuring DM200 in bridge mode.


Could you please point me to a post which outlines the restoration of
the original firmware? Would it be via SSH??? I tried the GUI but the
firmware was rejected.


Sorry, I can't help with a link to help you restore original DM200 firmware.

Only reference I can find which may be of help, is quoted in this commit:;a=commitdiff;h=50e3659703113df036e755e0d483172c3b809242

Another DM200 owner who has successfully returned to Netgear firmware may be able respond. Perhaps if you can edit the original title of your first post to include 'DM200', it may attract other readers.

Most Netgear routers support flashing factory firmware via TFTP - see Netgear's KB article for more info.

Hey, do you have managed your problem?

My problem is that my Cable Router is in brigde mode but my EdgeRouter didn't get a IP from my provider.
If I connect a PC to the Modem i get a IP and internet.
Using a FritzBox also OK.

But how do I have to configurate the EdgeRouter so that it get an IP and Internet???
Thanks ROB