Modem for use with VDSL2 in Germany with ISP (Osnatel/EWEtel)


some very nice forum user @mpa told me that my router TP-Link Archer C7 V5 has no modem build in. That is a problem for me really. Because I want to use it as my main-router.

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So now I'm stuck currently and don't want to do another bad mistake. @tmomas told me it is best to get a modem so I'm more flexible in router usage for my network in the future.

So my question is, which modem is the best for me to get?

  • VDSL2 100Mbit
  • Location Germany

If you need more information you can find it in the link to the other thread above.

Greetings dataCobra

I think you can run the fritzbox in some sort of bridged modem mode or pppoe passthrough, which should give you what you want with the existing hardware.
Other than that
draytek vigor 130 or 165 seem to be popular as bridged modems.
I use a BT home hub5a on a O2/Telekom-L3 VDSL2 Link, with OpenWrt 19.07-rc1 as bridged modem*, works okay, but unless you enjoy fiddling with all network components regularly, I would opt for a stand alone modem...

*) The plan was to let this do everything, dsl and wifi, routing, traffic shaping, firewalling, you name it. But unfortunately I quickly realized that this box is not powerful enough to do all o this at the same time, and now it is just a "modem" albeit one with a nice GUI :wink:


Future proof with VDSL2-SuperVectoring support:

VDSL2 compatible: (if you can maybe get it cheap or used)

PS: Both have vlan support and full transparent bridge modes, which is important for Full vs Lite Dual-Stack.


That is no longer an option in more recent Fritz!OS versions (>=6.30, I think).

If you don't need super-vectoring now, nor for the next ~6+ months -and aren't afraid of serial consoles and soldering to install OpenWrt(!)- I'd go with a cheap (1-10 EUR) supported lantiq vr9/ VRX2x8 device from the used market. Once debranded and installed with OpenWrt, e.g. an O² Box 6431 will do a fine job as pure VDSL2+vectoring (up to profile 17b/ 100/40 MBit/s, not profile 35b 250/40 MBit/s) modem. The reasoning is, that unless you are already on a super-vectoring loop now, used ISP branded devices are so cheap that you can just get one now for a song and defer looking for super-vectoring enabled ones later, when you actually need them (maybe ftth/ cable might even happen before that).

Going with the (super-vectoring/ profile 35b capable) Draytek Vigor 165 would of course be the easier and more future proof option.


Thanks for this nice information. I'm not scared of use a serial console, but I don't really know if I would have the time to do this. I think I'll go with the Draytek-Vigor 165.

Thanks you all for the answers. :slight_smile:

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