Modem disconnects when band locking

Okay i got my wrt3200acm working on goldenorb based on openwrt. I have a em20g modem im using with it. But It's towers across the street from me but it's not wanting to band lock. And when i do try and band lock, it'll disconnect the modem and wouldnt reconnect. I would have to restart the router just to get it working but it didnt save my band lock. Im trying to band lock band 2, band 12, band 41 and band 66. Im on tmobile (through mobilecitizen). But for some weird reason it'll lock to 2, 12 and 17 and Tmobile don't support band 17.

Goldenorb (ROOter) is "based on" OpenWrt, but is not the same as OpenWrt. It is not part of the OpenWrt project -- it is a fork and is significantly different. Please direct your questions to the ROOter project. Or, feel free to install an official version of OpenWrt.

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Band operation is determined by the modem and its firmware. The router firmware only sends AT commands to the modem to set it up. The band selection GUI is an extended feature of ROOter. Regular OpenWrt requires sending AT commands manually.

T-Mobile USA is now 5G only on all of Band 41. A 5G modem is required to use the service on band 41.

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