Modem configuration for ADSL2+


I need a little help to configure my modem TD-W8980

My ISP is Free, see the image below I don't know what protocol to choose to connect, I want to connect my modem to ADSL2+

For my case I searched a little on internet and here some info :

Connexion Dégroupée :

Protocole : RFC 1483-2684 Bridged/routed IP over ATM (IPOA)
VPI : 8
VCI : 36
Encapsulation : VC MUX
Masque :
Passerelle : Votre IP Free en remplacant le dernier chiffre par 254
DNS1 :
DNS2 :

I don't know what package or what to choose to get IPoA

Thank you

According to wikipedia :

Point-to-Point Protocol over Asynchronous Transfer Mode (PPPoA) is specified by The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) in RFC 2364

However IPoA is defined in RFC 1483-2684

I made some research and apparently IPoA and PPPoA are not the same

From the info you provided, I think you'll need something along the lines as below:


The above configuration can be accessed from Network -> Interfaces.
I am not sure what annex you are on, you will need to see that for yourself. It's either A or B mostly. You can choose Annex A + L + M for A and Annex B for B.

So I had to translate it on google and as it turns out, you need Static IP configuration, maybe. It states "Gateway: Your IP Free by replacing the last digit by 254" so maybe you have already been given an IP address and if thats the case, choose a Static IP config in your WAN connection.

IP: X.X.X.X (no info)
Subnet Mask:
Gateway: X.X.X.254 (as info states)
DNS 1 & 2: given

You can also try DHCP configuration and it may also get you an IP from ATM protocol if your ISP supports it.

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Thank you bro I will test this config soon, yes I have a static IP for years from my ISP (very bad privacy wise) do you know If I can make a trick to get a dynamic IP from my ISP ?

Is this even OpenWRT ? What protocol I'm supposed to use because I don't see "ATM"

Yes this is OpenWrt, I'm just using a different theme. You will find all the above configuration in Network -> Interfaces.

@bitid Like someone posted on Stack Exchange there's a kmod-ipoa package. Install that, load the driver (with modprobe), and IPoA should show up in the list of possible protocols.

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I'm back

root@OpenWrt:~# opkg install kmod-ipoa
Installing kmod-ipoa (4.9.120-1) to root...
Downloading [...]
Configuring kmod-ipoa.

root@OpenWrt:~# modprobe kmod-ipoa
failed to find a module named kmod-ipoa

Your solution don't work

The 'kmod' prefix in the package name is only there to make clear it's a kernel module you're installing. Linux kernel modules themselves do not have 'kmod' in their name.

If the following does not work, check the module name with # opkg files kmod-ipoa.

# modprobe ipoa
root@OpenWrt:~# modprobe ipoa
failed to find a module named ipoa
root@OpenWrt:~# insmod ipoa
Failed to find ipoa. Maybe it is a built in module ?

I'm also trying to find a solution on my side, thanks for help

Did you try the opkg command?

What for ? I don't understand

Because I'm trying to help you? And because it will show you the module name.

I didn't see your command at first, now I get it :

root@OpenWrt:~# opkg files kmod-ipoa
Package kmod-ipoa (4.9.120-1) is installed on root and has the following files:

Try modprobing clip instead of ipoa.

It say clip is loaded however IPoA still don't show up

placing code / command line on separate line makes it easier to read

# opkg files kmod-ipoa .

I configured my DSL section in Network -> Interfaces as you told me to do.
My country is France so my Annex is A (Annex A).

My IP is indeed a static one.

In interfaces WAN I put static, I put all the info as you told to me with static ip configuration (and everything is correct, my IP, the subnet, gateway etc)

I have plugged my RJ11 cable and nothing work, my DSL status in Status -> Overview, show the DSL line as "down"
I just read this tutorial and I may need to put my modem in bridged mode but I don't how to do

Some other country may use Annex A like Romania, Moldova, Spain also Ireland but not all ISP

Please help :sneezing_face:

Well as it turns out I was partly correct and partly wrong about the configuration. As you have a static IP over ATM line you neex to install ipoa package from OpenWrt repository. Setting a static IP ON WAN will not work because you need to dial into your ISP network through the phone line just like pppoe but instead of the dynamic IP you get a static one. You may also need your username and password for this. I need to look for some info about Ipoa so I'll get back to you later and in the meantime try to download the ipoa/ipoatm pkg.

Edit: I am using self-compiled firmware from OpenWrt source and right now I cant install kmod packages. You'll need to install the pkg and provide screenshots so I know what to tell you.

opkg update
opkg install kmod-ipoa
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Here some info : (but this is in french)
mine is "FREE dégroupé" aka "dégroupé"

I'm 99% sure that for IPoA authentication process I don't need a username and a password just a MAC address

I already installed the kmod-ipoa package (see the post history in this topic, we have already installed this package :slight_smile: )

Look this one they also mention using static IP for using a custom modem with my ISP:

May I ask you how did you find all these info you told me in your first post ?