Mode WIFI STA bridge with LAN does not work

no that's a firmware that i compiled with mtk wifi drivers.

As in the tittle but with MTK drivers:

Mode WIFI STA bridge with LAN work

you drive me crazy on the other post that even that was not working


it was yesterday, I tried again today, I'm stubborn

I'm going to look at the other post but I don't know where it is.

it's bricco the name of one of my old dog

I am a stubborn 76 year old dog ...

ok sorry if sometimes i'm aggressive, but i'm a good man

peace and happy Christmas

It would be nice if git included a new ralink directory for MTK drivers as with pandorabox source codes, something to have fun compiling firmware that works correctly

i told you make a working pc to build openwrt i'll sent you all you need.

ok , i have your mailbox address

Also happy Christmas

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