Modding the Huawei Vodafone R201

Hi Guys,

First time poster here.

I have been getting into the modding/hacking scene more and more over the last few months now and successfully managed to break into the Huawei Vodafone R201 and gain root telent access.

I would ultimately like to write some new firmware to the device but I think this is where I have to ask for help. The device has nand read,write, fw_dump commands and the filesystem gets mounted as read only.

I also managed to find a pre-boot customer rc5 file that gets loads before (what I think) is the OS, I can load up shell commands into this.

I can prove any info you like to help in probing!

Have this device yourself and want to test? Here is the guide>

Thanks all!


I have put everything here for a cleaner view.