//mod// RE200 v2 without AC Supply

Hi, i have a RE200 with OpenWRT and i try to use it over 5v (or the voltage it need, canceling the AC input and its corresponding internal power supply).

The board have a clear difference in AC section and DC section but im not sure at all where to take measurements to see what voltage and the point to inject voltage DC and use it without AC (110/220v).

My idea is to reduce the board and place it inside a notebook, supplying voltage from it and also connecting it via RJ45, I don't know if by soldering cables or a small cable that connects and disconnects.

Here a photo with much light, you can see the separation of the sector with AC and DC.

edit: under the cyan pad (square) it has 7 points of solder 4 (2+2) are capacitors 1k ohm (if my measurement is fine), 2 points are the output of the coil but both are in continuity, and the last point of solder is in continuity with the outputs of the coil and in the other side i see a "lentil" capacitor (i think ceramic) yellow colour (the other point of solder of his lentil capacitor is out the square).

I will be very grateful for any help you can provide.

My first post, sorry if the place is wrong, and sorry for my bad english.