[mochabin] Run OpenWrt kernel on different OS

Hey there,

I recently bought the new Mochabin and want to run a newer kernel on a RHEL base. I was able to build the 5.4 kernel from their Github Repo, but sadly the nftables backend is pretty lacking and needs a newer version. I already build the vanilla 5.15 and 6.1 kernel also, but they just don't work right, the switch chip never initializes, if the thing boots at all...

How can I use the OpenWRT kernel on that device? When I downloaded the kmods and used the kernel Image the boot just hang after executing /usr/sbin/init or sth, but systemd never starts.


There is OpenWrt support for it with 5.15 already available but forget about the NXP wifi card.

And also, posting in 2 and then opening a third thread is not gonna help

Okay so theoretically I should be able to just compile the source from kernel.org? I did that and the switch chip didn't work, maybe I did something wrong though...

I also didn't create the thread about the wifi card and wrote into the general mochabin thread so that people who don't closely watch the forum might see it.

Yes, we upstreamed the DTS long time ago for it, its just a matter of a proper kernel config