Mochabin NXP 9089

I just got the Mochabin with the NXP wifi adapter. Did anyone got the NXP running?


Given how the story with mwlwifi panned out, I'd forget about that.

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Forget about that outside of Globalscales Ubuntu, it was made clear to them that NXP cards are not acceptable for open source as there are no drivers

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If NXP is a no-go (I have no experience with them myself so have nothing to add about them), then you might consider picking up something based on a MediaTek 7915. MediaTek has pretty good Linux support in general. I use AsiaRF boards and like them. Your choices with them are

  • AW7915-NP1, 4T4R AX dual band, but not DBDC, so you're on one band at a time.
  • AW7915-NPD, 2T2R AX DBDC board

I have the former and like it a lot, but it's not DBDC. I don't have the latter, but I do have AsiaRF's DBDC 7615 board. I had a lot of trouble in the beginning getting DBDC to work stably, but now have it going pretty well.

Thank you very much for your insights. I am currently mapping all the options, since I now have Mochabin at my table.