Mochabin 5G no wifi


Just tried to use my Mochabin 5G. Initially, it showed WiFi in LuCi, but could not use any form of encryption in the SSID settings. After installing wpad, the WiFi was gone. Also /etc/config/wifi was empty. 'wifi config' yielded also nothing. It is like there is no wifi card installed. I am sure that when I pledged to support the project, it said that it had WiFi 6 onboard, but when I see the product for sale now, it said that WiFi was optional.

Anybody know anything about this?

I would like to open it, but this seems not so easy. Unscrewed 4 black screws, but could not open. Also, the SFP module is stuck in the port. Can't get it out, not even with the little trick with a small screwdriver. Any help would be highly appreciated

If it has an NXP wifi module these are not supported by openwrt and are not supportable - there's no opensource modules for it.

But this device was 'sold' as a Kickstarter project to be an OpenWRT WiFi6 router. Which kinds of defeats the purpose if it can't have a WiFi6 module supported by OpenWRT

That would be something to discuss with Globalscale Technologies Inc.


At the moment (on the mochabin website) you can choose between 4 different wifi modules. 3 NXP based and 1 Qualcomm based card.

If you're not sure what you got, you could install pciutils and run lspci.

There is a work-in-progress driver for this device here: - it will take some little experimentation to get it to work.

If you search for nxp in these forums, you'll see a lot of discussion about it both technically, and about people's opinions of Globalscale for their choice of cards. I won't cloud this thread with my opinion of them.

If you are using the PCIe card, you can try AsiaRF's offerings. They have some good WiFi 6 and 6E cards that use MediaTek chipsets, which are well supported in OpenWrt and getting better.

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