Mobile router strict nat

Hello all.

My issue is I currently am getting a strict nat

Mobile phone->openwrt—>asuswifi in apmode.

I am new and have spent about 3 weeks learning to setup everything this one I still cannot get over, I’m assuming the mobile is assigned and my dnsmasq is also? How can I fix this?

enable UPNP in router

I would not enable UPnP on anything, ever, if you value your security in the slightest.

What are you trying to accomplish?

It looks like you want the phone to provide Internet transport, but past that point there isn't enough information.

I’m getting a double nat, and strict nat. I would like the mobile device to provide everthing. Seems like I’m double layering

In that case, it seems that you would want to just bridge the phone interface (wireless, USB, Bluetooth?) to the “LAN” on OpenWrt and disable DHCP and DNS. Not sure that router’s function is then, as it becomes “a wire” at that point. Similarly the Asus gets configured as an AP with no services.